Monday, April 27, 2009

The Last of the Vail Pictures - Finally

I have been without my computer for two weeks so I am way behind on posting. Here's the last of our Vail vacation pictures.
Brad & La Vina at the Boot
Me & Brad in front of the Broadway, downtown Eagle
Vail Village, in front of the Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge, Vail Village
The Red Lion, Vail Village
Camden practicing sitting up, or flopping over?
All curled up in Daddy's arms
The creek behind La Vina's house, before the big snow
My two boys
Playing tennis on the public courts in Eagle. La Vina's house is just behind her to the right.
Mardi Gras Souveniers
Remy's school party at the park
La Vina making cotton candy

Hello Again

"Yeah, can I hit you back? I'm a little busy right now."
"How adorable am I?"
"Yep, I'm pretty darn cute!"
"Bean bag chairs make me laugh!"
"I'm too lazy too sit up straight - isn't that funny?"

Friday, April 10, 2009

1st Flight

I was able to salvage some of the deleted pictures. These are from Camden's very first flight, from Huntsville to Atlanta. He did great! Even though we had a seat for him and his car seat, he mostly sat in Daddy's lap.
Daddy's little boy
Looking out the window
Looking at all theo ther passengers
Look Mommy, I'm flying!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Back to the vacay pics. When we arrived in Colorado it was in the high 50s. It warmed up to the mid 60s the next day. It finally got around to snowing the day we left. So we bundled Camden up in his snow suit and ran out in the snow to get some pics before we had to leave for the airport. Camden was a little cranky because he was hungry and in need of a nap. I promise we weren't torturing him. But who could resist making a baby snow angel?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sitting Up Like a Big Boy

Camden is doing much better with sitting up by himself. I think he will be doing it full time by the end of the week.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day

Baseball season is here. That means lots of pictures of Camden in cute baseball outfits!

Neighborhood Walk

Yesterday we went for a quick walk around the block before the rain hit. We passed a patch of clover and when I looked down I immediately spotted not one, but two, 4 leaf clovers. I have never been able to find 4 leaf clovers, no matter how long I looked. My mother, on the other hand, had an innate ability to find them at just a glance. I felt like Mom was with me when I spotted that first 4 leaf clover, and then when I saw the second one I felt sure that Carsyn was with me too.

Happy Anniversary!

Dad was sweet to hang this flag up while we were gone. It looks just like us doesn't it?
April 1st was our 9th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe we have been married that long! It has been wonderful. We had a great day. Brad took off work and hung out with Camden & me. We had lunch at Rosie's & ran a few errands. Yes, we really did get married on April Fool's Day. This year we had a pratical joke played on us. Amy & Lea Ann sent us an email saying the health inspector had come by and we got a 79 (terrible!) and that there were several issue we needed to discuss. Well the health inspector really did come, but we scored a 99! What a relief. What a dirty little trick! After that we headed home where we had a champagne toast with my dad. He offered to babysit so we could go to dinner at my all time favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot. We have driven to the one in Nashville several times for our anniversary. Needless to say, I was thrilled that a new one just opened at Bridge Street. So we headed over there and took several self portraits. We had a really nice waiter, Robb, and the dinner was delicious! What a perfect anniversary!

Dad joined in our champagne toast & babysat.

Our Waterford Millenium Champagne Flutes that were wedding gifts.

Recreating the "arms crossed" wedding toast.

Still cheesy after all these years.

Self-portrait at Bridge Street.

My handsome husband checking out the drink menu!

Waiting for the cocktails and fondue!

Scooping out the veggies.

Another self-portrait after dinner. The perfect evening!

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