Saturday, February 19, 2011

Airplanes & Laundry Baskets

Camden was so full of energy last weekend. Brad had fun flying him around like an airplane and giving him piggy back rides.

Then Camden had fun with the laundry basket.

Next he stole my flip flops and claimed them as his own.

After his surgery, his drooling was worse than ever! Look how wet his shirt is. But as of yesterday, his drooling had almost completely stopped! Hooray!
Chilling out watching movies in P Pa's chair!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potty Training

We started serious potty training last weekend. You can see that Camden was ready with all his big boy Elmo underwear and one of his 3 potties on the sofa.
We rolled up the rug so if he had accident it would be easier to clean up. He threw his underwear on the floor.
He acted weird and ran around like a crazy person.
When he refused to put underwear on, we let him run around pantsless. Brad thought it would be funny to photograph.
I know, this potty training looks like fun and games...

But it's not. :-( After many ups & downs, we have decided to wait until school is out to revisit potty training.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Camden & Sophie

Our friend Sophie can over on Saturday. We did a quick photoshoot. Camden kept holding his arm straight out, no clue why, so Sophie did it, too.

What cutie pies!

Bowling & Mickey Mouse!

This past Saturday we went to a bowling party at Bridgestreet for our friend Wyatt's birthday. Mickey Mouse was in attendance. Camden was so excited!
Peeking over the half wall between the bowling alley and the walkway.
In awe of Mickey Mouse.
Of course it was my kid, and only my kid, that felt the need to explore the entire alley.
Making a break for it...
And running behind the curtain! Brad jumped the halfway because he knew exactly where Camden was headed!
Mickey gives Brad a few pointers...

And then Camden gives Daddy a few pointers!

It was a fun birthday party! Camden ate 3 pieces of cake!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monster Boots!

Guess who got a new haircut? Camden's hair grows so fast we have to get it cut about once a month. Here he is showing off his new monster boots he got for Christmas from P Pa.

And here I am showing off my new Christmas present from P Pa! I have been wanting a sewing machine for 2 years now, and Dad got me one! I have already sewn a blanket and a pillowcase for Camden! And I'm already stocking up on patterns, fabric and sewing notions!

Spoiled Rocking!

I took Camden to a local kids' salon couple of months ago for a haircut. It was a fun place, but he was not into it. We have had 2 more haircuts since then! His hair grows so fast!
This salon had 3 fun kids seats: a train, a red sports car and a pink jeep. Camden had to sit in each of everythwere one, but finally settled on the pink jeep.
The best part of the experience for Camden was getting a balloon! We went to Walmart right afterward and it was such a windy day that his balloon flew away. Camden didn't cry, though. I just told him it was going to heaven to his sister.
Showing off his new haircut!

Playing at the Park

Grammy Cathy sent this Kansas Jayhawk hoody and this was the first time he got to wear it. He loves the bird on the hood! We went up to the park on Monte Sano and played on the playground. This was in early November. Camden refused to leave his hat in the car.

Here's a video of Camden climbing up the jungle gym and going down the slide. Don't worry, I remembered to turn the phone after I started recording.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Skating

Joey wanted to take Camden ice skating so we all went. This was Camden's first time skating! H loved it! I think he could skate by himself if we took him a couple of more times.

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