Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Eyes

The verdict is in and baby's got Green Eyes! They changed a couple of weeks ago, but this is the first photo I have been able to get where you can really see the color. I was really hoping for blues eyes, like Mommy, but of course, Daddy won out again. Oh well, Green Eyes are pretty, too. I think he's going to be catching a lot of ladies with those big green eyes.
Camden in his Mardi Gras outfit.

Camden being silly in his highchair. We put him in there when we are in the kitchen so he can see what we are doing.

As I have mentioned before, Camden loves to kick. He especially loves to kick us when we are feeding him. This is what a typical feeding looks like.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catch Up Pics from February

A present from aunt Danielle. Nice, huh? As if Camden wasn't getting enough attention from strangers already. He is working that onesie, though!
Sweet Potatoes. Camden only gets this messy when Daddy feeds him.

Camden's Valentine's present from Grandma Paula.

Have you seen my monkey?

Story time at the Barnes & Noble at Bridge Street.

6 Month Picture with Raggedy Andy

Play time after Daddy gets home from work - our favorite time of day!

Camden can almost sit up by himself. Not much longer!

This is what I find most mornings. Camden has perfected the art of rolling on his belly in his sleep. He can turn over onto his back if he really tries, but he hasn't mastered it, yet. He is really good at holding his head up and looking around while laying on his stomach. Not only has Camden rolled over in this picture, he has also completely flipped directions. He started out with his head on the left side of the crib! And as a side note, Camden sure does have a big noggin! To think, when he was born his head was as round as a bowling ball! Hopefully, once he is sitting up on his own he will become less of a cone head! At least we got rid of the flat head, finally!

Just one of his many funny facial expressions. Babies are so much fun!

Friday, February 20, 2009

6 Month Doctor Visit

Camden had his 6 month check up today. He weighed 17 pounds 3 ounces - 40th percentile and was 27 1/2 inches long - 80th percentile. The doctor said his weight was fine. He still looks pretty chubby to us!
Camden had a lot of fun playing with Daddy while we waited for Dr. Patz.

Daddy is very entertaining. I love hearing Camden laugh!
He grabs his feet all the time.

This was a new pose, on his knees. That's his gansta sign for "I'm Cool!"

After 4 shots and an oral vaccine. Poor baby! Look at those Crocodile Tears! He was actually bright red, too, but the lighting wasn't very good. Good news, Camden - no shots at the 9 month checkup!

Mardi Gras

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Mardi Gras!

Brad, my Dad and I have been going to Mardi Gras for several years now. This year we took wee little Camden. Yes, I know, it's crazy to take a 6 month old to Mardi Gras, right? But we kept thinking how many beads and good loot we could get with such a stinkin' cute kid! Okay, that was only part of it. We also didn't want to leave him at home for that long. I mean really, the kid is advanced for his age, but he just can't change his diaper or fix his bottle, yet! No, you know what I mean. So we packed up an overnight bag for us, approximately 40 onesies, sleepers & outfits for Camden (you have to change your clothes a lot when your that cool/spit up constantly), and ALL of Camden's play gear. Seriously, we had to have a UHaul for all the baby gear we took to New Orleans. Okay, we didn't really take a UHaul, but we should have. The Expedition was definitely packed to the gills! We took: a pack 'n play (yes, I know the hotel has them, but ours has a bassinet, diaper changer, music & a vibrator), bouncy seat, travel swing, musical gym/playmat, the car seat, the travel stroller, the brand new umbrella stroller, 10 bottles, a collapsable bottle rack, a large bottle of dish soap, 1 bottle brush, 1 Huge Ass Can of Formula & 8 packs of applesauce & 6 travel spoons. Overkill? Yes. Did we use it all? No. Was it our 1st trip with a 6 month old in tow? YES! We definitely learned a lot about traveling with a baby. Namely, we can leave most of that stuff at home. But Camden did awesome. He only had one major melt down (when we went to dinner at his bedtime) and one fretful night (after sleeping in the car all day and then missing his bedtime routine). Oh, and it turns out that Mardi Gras parades are entirely too loud for babies. Damn those Shriners and their souped up dune buggies, and Damn those Marching Bands! So at his first big Mardi Gras Parade, right there on Canal Street, Camden had a mini meltdown before the first float even rolled by. But not to worry, he still scored plenty of cool loot. People on balconies on Bourbon Street thought Camden was super cute and threw him stuff. Yes, it was the middle of the day. No, we didn't take our baby into bars. Except Pat O'Brien's. But he was passed out (I mean asleep). We didn't give him any alcoholic drinks, either, except one Hand Grenade. All in all it was a more laid back Mardi Gras than we are used to, but we still had fun. Next year will be even more fun when Camden won't be scared of the noise and is big enough to sit in a ladder chair!
Dad, Mr. Cool & me in a little park at the front of the French Market. A cool band was playing and there was lots of interesting people/baby watching. This trip was Camden's first exposure to other babies and he found them fascinating! Oh and these awesome sunglasses were a parade throw.
Cousin Tony & Crew in front of the Cornstalk Fence House. If y'all have been to New Orleans, y'all know what I'm talking about. http://www.cornstalkhotel.com/our_history.htm
Yes, I know I look hideous in this picture, but it was the only family photo we got.

Brad feeding Camden in front of the Cornstalk Fence. Nothing gets in the way of that kid and mealtime, not even a photo opp!

Dad drinking an Abita Restoration Ale (because they didn't have Purple Haze- the nerve) out of a brown paper bag at this cool place on Magazine, Ignatius Eatery. Turns out St. Ignatius Loyola was the Spanish founder of the Jesuits and has four universities named after him, including Loyala University New Orleans, which is right next door to Tulane.

Dad eating his Roast Beef Po'Boy, which was their version of a debris po'boy and super tasty.

Camden in the umbrella stroller, and my Huge Pina Coloda Daquiri in the foreground.

Camden has been eating 1st foods for about a month. This was the first time he wanted to hold the spoon and attempted to feed himself. Such a clever boy!

Me & Cutie Pie & the aforementioned Daquiri.
Happy Mardi Gras! Throw me something Mister!

Valentine's Outfit

This is a cute Valentine's Day outfit my friend Sonia gave me. I tried it on Camden for a little photo shoot. When Brad saw it he deemed it to Girly so Camden didn't get to wear it on Valentine's Day. ~Sorry Sonia ;-) I sure thought it was cute though.

I just love this picture even though Camden's eyes are closed

Whenever Camden sees the camera he either stops and stares at it or tries to reach out and grab it.Look at those lips! Also, you can see the Cupid's wings on the back of the onesie.

My Precious Little Valentine.

Camden's new umbrellastroller for our trip to New Orleans.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 Months

5 Months Old in these pictures! We love this outfit that Aunt Kim sent him!

"I love my Daddy!"
Camden doesn't use pacifiers at all, but he always has that hand in his mouth. Doesn't matter if it's his thumb, a couple of fingers, or his whole fist, he is always sucking on his hand.

"Mmmm! I'm going to eat you!"
Now he is at the stage where he wants to put everything in his mouth!

Camden always stuffs his bib or his burp cloth in his mouth.
I don't know why, but he really likes to try to eat them.

Messy Boy!

Chilling in the Bumbo seat.

When I saw this on the monitor I went running in the nursery because I thought Camden had his foot stuck in the crib. Turns out he was playing a game!

I frequently find Camden flipped around with his head at the other end of his crib, but I never find him on his stomach. I guess he is a back & side sleeper like Mommy.
Camden is determined to hold his own bottle. He can only hold it up for a few seconds when it is full, but he tries every time! When it is empty he still tries to get every last drop out.

It took Camden about a week to get the hang of his jumperoo, but now he just loves it! I took this video, left the room for two minutes, and when I came back, I found him asleep in the jumperoo! I guess he wore himself out!

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