Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Best Compliment

"So Stinkin' Cute!" - Brad's Words
Thank you Aunt Susan for this adorable sweater and hat. I thought it would never be cold enough for my hot natured child to wear! Boy was I wrong!
My sweet husband paid me the greatest compliment recently. I don’t think he even realized how much it meant to me, but it is something I have waited a very long time to hear. We were shopping at Target a few days after Christmas. Brad was pushing the buggy with Camden sitting up top in his car seat. When Camden got fussy, I realized he was hungry and handed Brad a bottle I had made a few minutes before. As I continued down the aisles, Brad followed behind while feeding Camden. Finally, Brad said “Stop turning left!” Well, this strange request certainly made me stop in my tracks and turn around! When I asked Brad “Why?” he said he couldn’t feed Camden, push the buggy & steer around the corners all at once. I laughed and told him that I do it all the time! And that’s when he said it. Brad replied, “Well, you’re a Mom.” And I realized he was right. Yes, I’m a Mom, with a capital M. I can make a bottle, feed Camden, steer the cart, refer to my list, burp Camden, buy groceries & entertain Camden while I shop, not just because I’m a (somewhat reformed) Type A, multi-tasking woman, but because I’m a Mom. Okay, I confess that for the last month I had been to Target almost every single day, so I had a lot of practice. But still, the sentiment was there, and I took it to heart. So Thank You, Brad, for recognizing my accomplishments as a MOM!

Cute Pictures & Videos

Sitting up like a big boy! This was actually my chair when I was little. I used to sit in, and then when I got too big for it, my dolls sat in it.

Camden's Favorite Toy - We call him Mr. Dragonfly, but his real name is Freddie the Firefly.
He certainly keeps Camden entertained. Camden has just started waving things around in the air and throwing them on the floor. Mr. Dragonfly is usually the victim of these assaults, but yesterday my brand new drivers license was. No, I didn't like the picture, either!
Camden sometimes scowls when he sleeps.
Aunt Leslie & Camden at Ding How II
Camden slept thru the Galaxy of Lights tour
Playing in the excersaucer - he likes looking at himself in the mirror.

Camden & Grandma Cathy - we really enjoyed her visit.

On Brad's first day of Christmas Vacation, he taught Camden to roll over (after weeks of me trying!) I wasn't even in the room, so I had to work really hard to capture it on video. Camden still doesn't roll over on his belly on his own, but he loves to roll onto his side, flip his legs up and then scoot around so when he rolls to his back again he is facing a different direction!

Camden loves to kick! He started kicking when he was still in my belly, and he hasn't stopped since! It's really funny when he kicks with just one leg because it looks like he is trying to kickstart a motorcycle.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Santa Baby

Okay, so these pictures weren't taken on Christmas. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some photos of Camden dressed up in his Santa suit in front of the tree. How precious!

If he was smiling, he was drooling!
He really loved his Santa boots and couldn't take his eyes off them!
I finally took Camden's boots off, but he found something else to stare at.
Here he is demonstrating what we call his "gangster lean."

And finally, he has had enough. What a good sport, and super cute Santa!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a nice, low-key Christmas. We sat around in our pj's and ate snack food. Thanksgiving is always such a big production, I like to just take it easy on Christmas and enjoy my family. Plus, I am usually recovering from Birthday celebrating! Camden, being only 4 1/2 months old, really didn't know what was going on. He actually slept through most of the present unwrapping. Since he is so young we just got him a few cloths and books for Christmas. He already has every baby entertainer, and he's still too young for toys. He actually already has a lot of toys that he's not playing with, yet. I'm told that next year will be a different story altogether, and I believe them! My first purchase after Christmas was shatterproof ornaments for our tree next year!

This is one of those soft books with lift up flaps that I got for Camden. Brad had to drape the book over Camden's head because there were two pictures on the package of babies playing with the book like this! Camden already loves this book.

This is an adorable little coverall I found online from the University of New Mexico. Their mascot is the Lobos! This is outfit says "I'm a Little Lobo!"

Camden modeling one of his Christmas outfits. So cute!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Melissa's Birthday

My Birthday is on Christmas Eve. If that isn't unusual enough, my mom's birthday was the day before, Dec. 23rd. She passed away in January of '08, so this was our first birthday/Christmas celebration without mom. We missed her a lot. Anyway, since my birthday is the day before Christmas, we decided to have a party a couple of days earlier, on the 22nd. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Scene and helped me celebrate! It was great fun! I know you come here to see & read about Camden, so I won't bore you with all the pictures, but here is just a couple from that night. Oh, I'm sure y'all are dying to know, so I will just come out and admit that I turned 36 this birthday!
On my actual birthday, we went to dinner at Grille 29. That place is delicious! Next time you go, be sure to ask for Orileo. He was a great waiter. Camden did really well except, true to his nature, as soon as our steaks arrived, he wanted to eat, too! Dad & Brad swapped out eating and feeding, since it was my special day! Thanks! Brad said next time we want to eat there he will definitely get a babysitter so he can enjoy his steak while it is hot!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pre-Christmas Activities

I'm back! It has been a very busy few weeks with birthdays, Christmas, New Year's and grandma visits. I have been so busy I haven't even had time to take down the Christmas tree, much less blog! Hopefully, I will be able to catch up over the next few days. Here's a few pictures from the week before Christmas.
In the first, we had Camden dressed up to go Brad's company Christmas party. This was pretty much how Camden looked all night. Brad and I were at a loss when Camden cried during the whole party. He is not afraid of strangers, and generally very well behaved in public. I later decided that he did not like that outfit. It was the first time he had worn it and a much stiffer fabric than he was used to. I have to admit, Camden looks pretty cute when he is screwing up his face to cry. He has the biggest pouty lip you have ever seen! I have yet to get that particular picture, but this one is still pretty funny.This picture is from later that same night, in comfy clothes, with his new stuffed puppy dog he received at the party. As you can see, the puppy is as big as Camden!
This is a cute one eating out at Longhorn. This might be the last time we get to eat out with Camden for awhile: soon after we went to the Olive Garden, and Camden was not having it! It was just a week later and Camden cried so much we had to leave! That was the first time Brad and I have been truly embarrassed by our screaming baby! I'm sure there will be many more embarassing moments to come. Welcome to parenthood!
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