Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cute Pictures & Videos

Sitting up like a big boy! This was actually my chair when I was little. I used to sit in, and then when I got too big for it, my dolls sat in it.

Camden's Favorite Toy - We call him Mr. Dragonfly, but his real name is Freddie the Firefly.
He certainly keeps Camden entertained. Camden has just started waving things around in the air and throwing them on the floor. Mr. Dragonfly is usually the victim of these assaults, but yesterday my brand new drivers license was. No, I didn't like the picture, either!
Camden sometimes scowls when he sleeps.
Aunt Leslie & Camden at Ding How II
Camden slept thru the Galaxy of Lights tour
Playing in the excersaucer - he likes looking at himself in the mirror.

Camden & Grandma Cathy - we really enjoyed her visit.

On Brad's first day of Christmas Vacation, he taught Camden to roll over (after weeks of me trying!) I wasn't even in the room, so I had to work really hard to capture it on video. Camden still doesn't roll over on his belly on his own, but he loves to roll onto his side, flip his legs up and then scoot around so when he rolls to his back again he is facing a different direction!

Camden loves to kick! He started kicking when he was still in my belly, and he hasn't stopped since! It's really funny when he kicks with just one leg because it looks like he is trying to kickstart a motorcycle.

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Lalaland said...

OMG I just want to eat him up! He's so 'stinkin cute'!

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