Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random Pictures

I'm still playing catch-up from older pictures. These are a couple of months ago in the backyard.
Cyndi & KT gave Camden this HUMONGOUS blow up ball pen for his birthday. He loves climbing in and out!
Camden was really mulit-tasking in this picture. He was sitting on his roller coaster car, playing with his driving toy & holding on to his train!
Yes, Camden still loves to help Mommy with the sweeping.
Trying on a witch hat in Target (where else?).
This is a funny video where we were in Walmart one day. Camden found this little doll's barber chair and was sitting in it. Then it got stuck on his butt and he was walking around with it on there! I love the part at the end when Brad mouths "I think he's pooping," but he's looking right at the camera and you can easily tell what he's saying! By the way, he was not pooping. He just liked that chair!
I will try to get up beach, pumpkin patch & Halloween pictures this week!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandpa's House

Before our big adventure to the beach, Camden & I spent a lot of time at my Dad's house, helping him get his RV ready for tailgating and festivals. Camden loves to sit in Grandpa's electric chair and play with his cane.
Camden is really in the "monkey see, monkey do" stage. It is so cute seeing him imitate everything we do! We removed the hubcaps to check the air pressure and air up all the tires on the RV.
Camden figured out how to use the lug wrench in no time! That warms heart! I so hope he will be mechanically inclined (unlike his Daddy)!
Camden has an Elmo ball tent that lives at Grandpa's house. On this day he insisted on dragging it out into the driveway.
See him in there?
He sure had fun throwing balls all over the driveway!

Camden just loves going to Grandpa's house because there is always something new & exciting for him to get into!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Powder Uh Oh

We (mostly me) are still trying to get back into the swing of things after our extended beach vacation. The other day I was sitting in my office chair with my back to the room. Big mistake. I'm going to have to get a new desk so I can face out into the room, or else I am going to have to grow eyes in the back of my head. I thought you got those as soon as your baby was born??? Anyway, Camden was quiet for approximately 2 minutes, so I should have known he was getting in trouble. I turned around to find him with a baby powder bottle in hand, liberally talcing the entire dining room and office. When I yelled "Camden! No!" the first thing he did was throw the bottle down on the floor. Get rid of the evidence! He's been watching to many episodes of Cops! The second thing he did was say "No, No, Bad. I C (sorry)." He knew he was doing something bad! Then he proudly showed me everywhere he had poured the baby powder.
So proud of himself!
How did he get it on the back of his shirt???
All over the roller coaster...
Showing off again...

Look at that face!
On the car...
In the shopping cart...
In the hall, complete with footprints...
In Grandpa's chair...
All over the den & his toys...
On the sofa...
Still too cute to punish...
More footprints in the kitchen...
Even on top of the trash can!
And still more in the kitchen.

He hit 4 rooms in 2 minutes in with a tiny little bottle of baby powder. Fortunately (for me) Brad came home early that day so I had help cleaning up!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A few weeks ago we went to Tuscaloosa to tailgate for the Alabama-Florida game. Our friends Susan & Sam met us there.
Here's my cutie pie! His favorite animal is now the elephant. His favorite letter is "A!"
My best friend Susan & me!
And another one of us!
Sam-bo cooking up breakfast on the grill & Brad in the background watching Camden.
One more of me & Susan.
Camden giving me a hug, early in the day.

We brought plenty of elephants for Camden to play with.
His favorite thing, besides all the airplanes flying overhead, was the Alabama cupcakes I picked up at Target. One was not enough! He ended up looking like the Joker.
Not only did he wipe his face, he also wiped his tongue! Cam is so silly!

Watching the game. We won!
Cathy, watching the game from the backrow.
Our tailgate spot.
Camden bringing out more wipes. I can't remember why, now, but he was obsessed with them.

It was an exciting and fun tailgating experience for all of us! Except the part where the CO monitor started going off at 4 in the morning and woke us all up, including Camden. He then thought it was play time. Yeah for Mommy who got stuck keeping him from harm's way. But other than that it was an awesome trip! We can't wait to go back again! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When we were tailgating in Tuscaloosa recently, there were many airplanes flying directly overhead. Camden learned to point and yell airplane from our little neighbor, Graydon.
Pointing at the airplane.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grandpa's Bed

We've been spending a lot of time at my Dad's house lately. On this afternoon I was trying to get Camden to take a nap in Grandpa's bed. I don't think he ever fell asleep, but he watched cartoons, and looked pretty cozy. I took these with my phone so they aren't great, but I did experiment with color tint.

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