Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random Pictures

I'm still playing catch-up from older pictures. These are a couple of months ago in the backyard.
Cyndi & KT gave Camden this HUMONGOUS blow up ball pen for his birthday. He loves climbing in and out!
Camden was really mulit-tasking in this picture. He was sitting on his roller coaster car, playing with his driving toy & holding on to his train!
Yes, Camden still loves to help Mommy with the sweeping.
Trying on a witch hat in Target (where else?).
This is a funny video where we were in Walmart one day. Camden found this little doll's barber chair and was sitting in it. Then it got stuck on his butt and he was walking around with it on there! I love the part at the end when Brad mouths "I think he's pooping," but he's looking right at the camera and you can easily tell what he's saying! By the way, he was not pooping. He just liked that chair!
I will try to get up beach, pumpkin patch & Halloween pictures this week!

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