Saturday, September 25, 2010


Last Saturday we went to a birthday party for 2 of Camden's classmates at KidVenture. It was our first time there and Camden loved it! He had so much fun. His favorite thing was the pirate ship. He was across the room on top of it before I could even get my shoes off!

Here he is walking the plank then going down the slide.

There was a fireman's pole inside the ship. Two older girls were helping the little kids slide down the pole.

Camden really loved this airplane. He only wanted to sit on the wing seat, but he couldn't ever get anybody to sit opposite him. I had to push the other side up and down for him.

He wanted to ride this unicycle thing, but his legs were too short to reach the peddles.

This was over in the toddler section. He didn't discover this area til the very end. He was too busy playing on the big toys.

Cam had fun stacking these blocks and trying to pick them up and move them.

Camden loves horses! They are by far his favorite animal. So when he saw this horsey baby jumperoo he just had to get in it! We gave away our jumperoo long ago, so it was really funny to see him in this!
He was clearly too big for it, but he sure had fun! Love the head shaking!

New Tricycle

Grandpa bought Camden a tricycle for his birthday. He loves it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pool Fun

Here's some pool pics I found on my phone. We really enjoyed spending our weekends at the pool this summer!
Camden loves to lay out, with a little help from Amanda!
Wearing Mommy's hat.
Chilling in his own lounge chair.
Eating his football.
Does it go around my middle or my neck?
Bucket head!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preschool Orientation

Our handsome guy on his way to preschool orientation. This was on Aug 13.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Random Phone Pictures!

I just love going thru pictures I've taken on my phone. I never know what I will find on there! The quality isn't as great, but the subject matter is usually too funny! I have always have my phone by my side so I'm able to capture some of those zany moments that otherwise would be missed!
This is in Dad's RV. Camden was playing with Dad's cane and using it to sit on.

A rare picture of Mommy & Camden.
Camden's new DVD watching spot in my office.
On the way home after a long day at the pool. Camden is always so tired after a day in the sun, as you can tell by this pose.
Camden just loves his Roby. He picks it up and carries it to the middle of the room and then gets his cowboy hat to ride.
This particular day, he got engrossed watching a cartoon and just stood there holding Roby forever.
He has taken to throwing his hand up and down when he rides and yelling "Yehaw!" I know he got "Yehaw" from an Elmo DVD, but I have no clue where he learned to throw his hand around like he's riding a broncing bull!
This picture cracks me up! We were in Babies 'R Us and I had to use the restroom. I was delighted to find this "child minder" on the wall next to the baby changer! I strapped Cam in and he loved it! He didn't even cry when I closed the stall door and he couldn't see me anymore. I wish they had these everywhere!
Playing with his new cat piano before we even got home. He loves this toy.
Camden with all 3 of his lovies. Honestly, baby blue is his FAVORITE color! This is (left to right) Noma the penguin, Hippo, & Puppy (aka Dog but sounded like Duck). We got the penguin at the aquarium in Chattanooga. No idea why he started calling it Noma (sounds like NO MA). Now whenever he sees a penguis he yells "Noma! Noma!" Too funny. As for Puppy, Camden has called him Dog forever but when we came home from Vegas he had switched to Puppy. Go figure!
This is a Toy Story Tote Bag that one of his birthday presents came in. He was being silly one day wearing the bag on his head.
He kept running around the room with it on his head, of course, running into everything cause he couldn't see! What a silly kid!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Future Make-up Artist

I'm not even sure how long ago these were. I found them on my phone. I remember I was laying in bed while Camden played in the bathroom. Unfortunately, I left my make-up bag within reach. This is what I found.
Mascara Mustache ala Hitler:

Proud Grin after we had already wiped away some of the mess:
Camden wiping out his mouth with eye make-up remover. He put my brand new mascara (1 day old!) in his mouth!!!
I make every effort now to keep my my make-up out of reach!
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