Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I am still way behind on posting, but I thought you'd like to see some current pictures.
On Sunday, we put u the Christmas tree. Yay!
We also got out the Santa hats, and Camden has been loving playing with them.

I love, love, love this picture! It was taken on my phone, though, so kind of grainy.
I have several tree skirts. This one I use as a tablecloth on the credenza. I thought it would be fun to let Camden wear it as a cape. He thought that was awesome!
He ran all over the house wearing it.
Every time it fell off, I'd have to put it back on.
He spun and twirled all around.
And showed us his hands!
Mommy's little Christmas Elf.

I think a new tradition has been born with the Christmas Cape.
Since Camden is so fascinated with the Christmas tree, I made a special garland for him.
They are knit stockings, sweaters & mittens that I hung low enough for him to reach.

He kept touching them over and over!
I know we haven't gotten to Thanksgiving, yet, but I was eager to decorate for Christmas since it is my favorite holiday and we will be out of town Thanksgiving weekend. We are going to the Iron Bowl (without Camden). Roll Tide Roll!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Phone Pictures

I just found this post that saved as a draft and never published. It was from August.
These two are from the hotel room in Chattanooga. Camden slept in the bed with me a couple of nights because he wouldn't sleep in the pack 'n play.

Camden sitting in Dad's electric chair.
Resting at the pool.
Going for a ride on the beach cart.
Chilling in the backseat with his shades on. I'm surprised they're on the right way because he always takes them off and puts them back on upside down!
At the alterations place. I didn't have any choice but to take him with me to get my bridesmaid dress altered for Leslie's wedding. I strapped him in the stroller and let him watch Elmo. He was really good. I was so relieved. And the nice man who got there before me let me go first. I was so thankful.
Camden likes to lean against the sofa and slide under the area rug. Weird, I know.
On the way home from the pool. Camden stuck his dinosaur in the window crack.
Poor dinosaur, hanging out the window, upside down.
Mr. Cool at the pool.
Love the rays shining on his sweet face. Pure joy!

Getting serious about his drumming! He got that stool from the bathroom so he would be just the right height!

I always love seeing what pics show up on my phone. The quality is never great, but the subject matter is always fun!

Halloween Fun

Here's a roundup of our Halloween festivities. Some of these are from my phone so sorry for the poor quality. Here is Cam in his penguin outfit with his light saber!
He also had day glo reflective pumpkin stickers. We had to put them on the middle of his back so he couldn't get to them!
My only picture of Cam trick or treating... he went up to every window and peered in! our little Peeping Tom! He also walked right in the first house we went to!
Cam was a little shy at first (other than the peeking tom thing) but he really warmed up to trick or treating! the first few houses he marched right in! After that we corralled him by the door, but he didn't want the candy. I followed behind him and picked up his candy from the lawn where he drop it. Before too long, he decided he wanted to keep all the candy. We had two different candy buckets so I tried to switch them out because his so heavy he kept falling over but he wasn't having it! He wanted that candy!
This was in Party City one day. It was the first time I told him to say "Cheese" and he did!
Cracker decided to dress up for Halloween, too!
We did a craft one night. I found this cute shirt in this post on Dollar Store Crafts, but it originally came from this post on Handprint & Footprint Art. If you like crafts, I highly recommend both of these sites. Camden really enjoyed the project and was so good about letting me paint his feet and hands!
The funniest part was when I was doing his finger prints for the eyes and mouth. I kept saying "Dot, dot, dot. Perfect!" Then he started saying it, too! Perfect is one of his favorite words now.
We made a cards for the Grammy & Nana. I did it upside down, though! Then Camden was very attached to it and carried it around everywhere, including to the trunk or treat at Willowbrook.
Here's the pumpkins we carved. We used patterns. Makes it so much easier! I did this bat pumpkin.
Brad did the face pumpkin.
I also did this cat pumpkin.
I convinced Brad to paint an Elmo pumpkin for Camden. Brad did such a good job and Camden loved it!
Here's all four of our carved pumpkins. Brad did the alien one, too.

Camden wore his Elmo jacket to preschool. He was so proud!
Another shot in the car. What a cutie pie!
And our finished t-shirt. Camden loved it! I did, too.

We are going to make a Thanksgiving turkey shirt this weekend. I'll try to get the pictures up before Christmas! Ha!

My Son

DSC05538, originally uploaded by Cam Cam Mom.

I was flipping thru pictures from February and came across this one of Cam. This picture totally struck me as what my baby will look like as a grown (gasp!) man. 22 months or 22 years, he's an awfully handsome dude. Ladies, prepare to have your hearts broken!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treating a Willowbrook

On Saturday went to the Willowbrook Fall Festival. They had Trunk or Treating and lots of inflatable slides, a pumpkin patch, cotton candy, etc. We just took Cam to the Trunk or Treating part. Here he is in his penguin costume with Nana & Brad. He's holding his Boo card that we made with his footprint & fingerprints. He was so proud of it and wouldn't leave it behind!
Look at that adorable penguin!
Trying to get a picture with Mommy. I'm smiling but he's not.
Now he's smiling (and trying to escape) but I'm looking away!
One more with Nana, but he's not too happy.
Even less happy with Daddy.
Walking over to the cars, he looked pretty apprehensive.
A little smile...
Here he is in action. He was shy at first, and insisted on being held, but at least he started breaking out some smiles. He eventually warmed up to the whole process & would walk up to the candy givers & even say "Thank You."
Checking out his loot.
A family picture
A tired little penguin on the way home, enjoying his candy.
His favorites were the lollipops, which was good cause he got a lot of them. He made us open a lot of the other candy, but then he didn't want it. "Open This! Open This!" then "No." with a curt dismal. Too funny.
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