Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Phone Pictures

I just found this post that saved as a draft and never published. It was from August.
These two are from the hotel room in Chattanooga. Camden slept in the bed with me a couple of nights because he wouldn't sleep in the pack 'n play.

Camden sitting in Dad's electric chair.
Resting at the pool.
Going for a ride on the beach cart.
Chilling in the backseat with his shades on. I'm surprised they're on the right way because he always takes them off and puts them back on upside down!
At the alterations place. I didn't have any choice but to take him with me to get my bridesmaid dress altered for Leslie's wedding. I strapped him in the stroller and let him watch Elmo. He was really good. I was so relieved. And the nice man who got there before me let me go first. I was so thankful.
Camden likes to lean against the sofa and slide under the area rug. Weird, I know.
On the way home from the pool. Camden stuck his dinosaur in the window crack.
Poor dinosaur, hanging out the window, upside down.
Mr. Cool at the pool.
Love the rays shining on his sweet face. Pure joy!

Getting serious about his drumming! He got that stool from the bathroom so he would be just the right height!

I always love seeing what pics show up on my phone. The quality is never great, but the subject matter is always fun!

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