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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treating a Willowbrook

On Saturday went to the Willowbrook Fall Festival. They had Trunk or Treating and lots of inflatable slides, a pumpkin patch, cotton candy, etc. We just took Cam to the Trunk or Treating part. Here he is in his penguin costume with Nana & Brad. He's holding his Boo card that we made with his footprint & fingerprints. He was so proud of it and wouldn't leave it behind!
Look at that adorable penguin!
Trying to get a picture with Mommy. I'm smiling but he's not.
Now he's smiling (and trying to escape) but I'm looking away!
One more with Nana, but he's not too happy.
Even less happy with Daddy.
Walking over to the cars, he looked pretty apprehensive.
A little smile...
Here he is in action. He was shy at first, and insisted on being held, but at least he started breaking out some smiles. He eventually warmed up to the whole process & would walk up to the candy givers & even say "Thank You."
Checking out his loot.
A family picture
A tired little penguin on the way home, enjoying his candy.
His favorites were the lollipops, which was good cause he got a lot of them. He made us open a lot of the other candy, but then he didn't want it. "Open This! Open This!" then "No." with a curt dismal. Too funny.

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Ryan Kay said...

How cute! I love HALLOWEEN! So sad it's over :(

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