Friday, May 28, 2010

Toddler bed

Last week I converted Camden's crib to a toddler bed. I did it while he was napping (in another room). When we went in his room to change clothes, he noticed it right away. He had fun climbing in and out.

The first night he tossed and turned for the first hour, but stayed in the bed. He knew something was different and my guess is he felt less secure. The next morning he climbed out while still holding to the edege, grabed a toy in arm's reach each time, then climbed back in and threw it out. He repeated this several times. The next night and ever since he has gone to sleep just fine. Even if he fights sleep, he doesn't climb out at night. It was almost a week before he was adventorous enough to climb out of the bed in the morning and walk away. I guess he thought he'd be in trouble if he left the bed? Now it's been about a week and a half and he's doing just fine with the adjustment. Now he has more freedom and access to his toys in the morning. Yay for my big boy!

Alabama Crawfish

We headed out to the new restaurant, Alabama Crawfish, for a delicious meal last night!

It was absolutely superb! I highly recommend it! We are going back this weekend!
Before we went, Dad came over and got to cuddle with Camden right after he woke up from his nap!

I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Random Phone Pics

It's time for another edition of "What random pictures are on my phone?" I haven't had much time for breaking out the big camera these month so I've resorted to just snapping pictures on my phone. It's always fun to go back & see what I captured.

This is actually from April, when we made an impromptu trip to the beach.
Fun in the pool on a float.
This kid is living the life!
On Brad's birthday. We started celebrating the night before so he was trying to take a nap here.
At Nothing But Noodles. Cam loves their food and he loves those chopsticks even more!
He kept turning around to talk to, flirt with, and touch the lady sitting to my left. Close quarters!
We went to Interior Market Place & Cam was a little obsessed with this wooden spoon. He carried it all over the whole store!
Watching Sesame Street & chowing down on Wheat Thins.
Running around the backyard with his fireman's hat.
He managed to squeeze into his Mega Blocks dump truck & then I pulled him around the house.
This is what we do in the mornings when we get up: play in Cam's room.
Cam learned to turn the light on & off! What you don't see is right after this he knocked the lamp on the floor and broke the bulb!
Hope you enjoyed this edition of Random Pictures from my Phone. Can you tell I'm struggling for blogging material? Ha!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh No!

Camden's new favorite phrase is "Oh NO!" He is so cute when he says it!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Here's another video from a few weeks ago. Everything looks like a jungle gym to Camden, especially me!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pet Door

With the elevated temperatures around here lately, I decided it was no longer a good idea to leave the screen door open for the cats and Camden to run in and out of the house (while I am in the kitchen and Camden is in full view). So I introduced them to our pet door. This was a first for both Jasper and Camden. Camden only had to see Jasper use the pet door once before he was using it too!










As you can see, Camden is quite fascinated with the pet door. Oh, and the cats are enjoying it, too!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Snake Doctors

Last Friday night the whole family headed out to Lowe Mill Village for the Friday night concert on the dock. The Snake Doctors were playing and we really enjoyed them. I didn't get any pictures because we all spent turns chasing after Camden all night, but I did get these videos of him dancing in a chair. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mural by Picasso

I just discovered this lovely mural made of red, blue & aqua "pastels" and "charcoal."
Good thing my little Picasso is taking a nap right now!

Terrible Two's!

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. I have been consumed with a whirling dervish that has taken over my house like the Tasmanian Devil. His name is Camden and he has entered the "Terrible Two's," albeit a few months early.

He turned 21 months this past week and has morphed into the busiest, most destructive and non-compliant little devil I have ever known. But that's pretty much the definition of a toddler, right? Right? Please tell me I'm right and I'm not the only one to experience this phenomena. It's normal for your toddler to laugh in your face when you tell them "NO!" Right? Or to run away AND laugh!?! Or, on the other end of the spectrum, to dissolve into hysterics, throwing themselves on the nearest piece of furniture like the world has ended if you dare to chastise them, or heaven forbid, take away a forbidden crayon? Y'all have been through this, too, right?

Well, I hope I'm not alone. That is what it's like at our house these days. Camden clearly understands what NO means, he just doesn't obey. Pretty ironic, considering he has at least 10 different ways of saying NO, but not one single way to say YES. We have tried and tried, but he just won't say YES. He will clap his hands and say YAY, but not in agreement, more in a sense of accomplishment or excitement.

We have crayon "artwork" on more walls than I can count, the dishwasher door is about to fall off it's hinges and toys, papers, mail, camera cords, and pretty much anything else he can get his hot little hands on are strewn all over the house. Seriously, every room! He can destroy a room faster than I can pick him up after him! Forget about trying to stay ahead of him! Ha!

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you've seen some of my recent frustration. I've solicited advice from experienced parents and from books. We are trying time-outs and choosing our battles. Mine are not drawing on the walls, leaving the dishwasher alone and not running in the street in front of our house. I think Brad has chosen different battles, but I'm too exhausted to ask him. I'm off to Target shortly to buy a timer with a loud bell to signal the end of time out! We will probably have to use it in the store! ha!

We are still loving every minute with our little guy, but we are definitely having to adjust to this new phase. I will tell you one thing for sure; I won't be posting nearly as often. All my time is now devoted to chasing after Captain Destructo and counting down the days (89!) til preschool starts!

I will leave you with a video from about a month ago when Camden was playing with my shoes:

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Playhouse

Camden loves this playhouse. It is one big jungle gym to him.

In thru the door.

Close the door behind you.

Peeking out the porthole.

Hmm, can I crawl out this way?


Boom! Somersault to safety!

Up the slide and back inside.

Perched on one wall.

Straddling the other wall reaching for bubbles.
What fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! I had a great day. It was pretty laid back. I got to take a nap and got a foot rub! That was heaven right there! Then we had a late lunch at Wings.


Nana joined us for lunch.


Later Camden played in the pond. Then he tested us by climbing the Gazebo. We are still working on what "No" means. Ha!



After Camden went to bed, Brad and I played cribbage, Uno & Skipbo. I was the reigning champ in all 3! Just as it should be on Mother's Day! All in all it was a great day!
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