Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Camden's Birthday Party Pictures

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Believe it or not, there's more pictures from the party than what I put up in the last post. Here is the flickr link if you are interested in seeing all of the pictures. Just click on the picture or on this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thelittlestlobo

Camden's 2nd Birthday Party!

Okay, here there are! The pictures from Camden's birthday party! We had it at the pool. One nice thing about having an August birthday is being able to have pool parties.
Here is the only family picture we got! ha!
We had lots of water guns and bubble guns for the kids to play with.
Here's the guests: (L-R) Caleb A., Sophie, Caleb D., & Max
They are chowing down on pizza and cupcakes.
Amanda & Paul gave Camden this awesome Elmo outfit! He liked it til he realized how hot it was! It will be perfect when the weather cools off. Grandpa gave him a singing Elmo birthday card. Very cool!
Opening presents. It was really fun this year because Camden knew what was going on. He really enjoyed opening all his presents! We had to hide them as soon as he opened them so we wouldn't get upset about not playing with them right away!
Sophie took a little rest in the boat.
Camden laid his head down for about 2 minutes.
Some more of our guests. Caleb D. watching Camden open his present, Tessa Grace & mom Tamitha, Camden telling KT a story, mom-to-be Cyndi, & Tessa Grace in the middle of the candy table!

Grandpa Mike & Nana
One of Camden's favorite activities of the day was writing on the cooler with chalk.
I dragged this rocking chair over to sit in and guess who jumped up in it?
Camden & the other boys spent a lot of time climbing on some tree stumps. It had sprinkled a little so they got really dirty! And poor Camden couldn't keep his swim shorts on!

Grandpa Richard came over in his golf cart. We gave the boys rides on it. They had a big time shooting bubbles off the back and climbing all over it when they weren't riding.

And that bottom left picture is Camden sticking Skittles in his ears!
We had an amazing birthday party! Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Camden!
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camden's Birthday Dinner

For Camden's Birthday dinner we went to Nothing but Noodles.
Camden couldn't wait for dinner so he started eating his shoe!
Then he had to take a bite out of hippo.
Then he put hippo on his head.
Next he put a koozie on his head.
He thought was very funny!
It was so cold in the car, and so hot & humid outside, that the camera fogged over!
Nana & Camden.
This kid loves him some chopsticks!

He even eats with them!
After he ate, there was a lot of running around and flirting with other tables.
Mommy finally remembered to get a picture with her baby on his birthday!
My cutie pie!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Camden!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camden's 2nd Birthday!

I know y'all have been waiting not so patiently to see pictures from Camden's Birthday! I finally got a chance to put some of them on here.
Here is Camden eating breakfast on his birthday. One of his favorite things to do is roll his highchair into the den and watch Sesame Street while he eats.
He was really excited!
I decided to make him a little birthday shirt to wear. Camden helped with his name. Can you tell?
We had a birthday lunch at Tortora's with Grandpa.
Camden ate animal crackers, honey graham goldfish & a rice krispie treat. It was his birthday, after all!

Next we went to Walmart to get some party supplies. I decided to get a pack of mini cupcakes so he could have one on his actual birthday. Well, he had a fit in the store for me to open the package and eat one!
Make that two.
Oops, another one! He ate 3 cupcakes before we left walmart!
The kid is developing a serious sweet tooth!
Cupcake Face!
Oh wait, what's that? Another cupcake? Yes, he had to have one later, before dinner.

We waited til Daddy got home to open his presents. He got a Doctor's Kit!
Listening to Camden's heartbeat.

Camden's favorite part was the syringe & needle. He thought they were both syringes! This is how he takes his medicine.

Checking his eye with the tiny little mirror. He definitely has experience with that.
Checking Daddy's ears.
We also gave Camden a cat piano and a leaptag jr book reader.

More birthday posts to come!
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