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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camden's 2nd day of preschool

Camden rested up Tuesday and got up bright and early Wednesday ready for school. He even picked out his shirt and socks! He played with his backpack.
And put it on! First on his arm,

Then on his back!

He even carried it to the door to get in the car!

Such a big boy! He was excited to go this time. There were no tears when I left him and he had a great day! He loved it! His teachers were amazed at how well he did. I knew the truth; he was just too tired and overwhelmed on Monday. This was the little boy that I knew would love preschool. They told me he was too busy playing with the other little boys too even color! I was shocked because he loves to color! So I think we are good now. And I even got to go to the gym and take a cardio class on and run on the treadmill! I'm thrilled to have some free time to myself now, and I now Camden is going to love preschool! Yay!


Leslie said...

Such a great day!! So proud of the little man!

Grandma Cathy said...

He looks so cute, ready to go!
Glad it was a great day for all!

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