Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st Day of Preschool

You know all those precious pictures of kids smiling ear to ear, proudly holding their new backpack & lunchbox on the first day of school? Well, you're not going to see that here. Camden's first day of preschool did not go very smoothly. It started when he was over tired from his big birthday weekend (posts to come!) and I had to wake him up to get there on time.
When we got in the kitchen he saw the leftover cupcakes and cried until I finally gave him one.
No, I don't normally give my kid cupcakes for breakfast, but I was trying to avoid a major meltdown on the first day of preschool. No such luck. Turns out one mini cupcake was not enough.
So I buckled him into the car and listened to him cry the WHOLE WAY THERE! It's very out of character for Camden to cry that long about ANYTHING!
Once we got to preschool, I tried again to take pictures.
He cried harder.
He wouldn't even hold his Elmo backpack. The kid was absolutely pitiful.

He even tried to climb back in the car. I took him in anyway and handed him off to the teacher. I waited in the hall and listened to him scream. Then I went to turn in our paperwork and meet some of the other parents. I got reports back that all was quiet in the 2 year old class so I thought it was safe to leave. As I walked down the hall toward the exit and the 2 year old classroom, I heard the unmistakable crying of my child. He still had not settled down after 45 minutes! At least he didn't have to be removed from the classroom. The director and other parents assured me that it was fine to leave him and that they would call me if necessary.

I sat in the parking lot for awhile and then ventured down the road, just a few blocks away. I finally did get a call, saying that he was fine. He had stopped crying and was running and kicking a ball in the gym. I breathed a sigh of relief but was still worried. Sure enough, when I went back to pick him up at 1, he was crying. I think he started crying as soon as he saw me, but I'm not positive. The teachers reported that he did NOT cry the entire time, but that he did get upset here and there through the day. Also that he had trouble with transitions from one activity to another, but that that was normal for his age. Camden is the youngest kid in the 2 year old class, as he just turned 2 last week! They told me it would get worse before it got better, but to stick with it and that they haven't lost a kid yet!

Camden was fussy and clingy for the rest of the day. I guess it was pretty overwhelming for him. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better! He is going three days a week, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, from 9 to 1. The teachers said that going 3 days a week will help him adjust faster so at least that's a plus. I really think (and hope and pray!) that once he adjusts to the newness that he is going to love going to preschool! And then Mommy will love having some free time during the week! Y'all say a little prayer for the Cam Man and an easy transition into preschool! Thanks!

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Grandma Cathy said...

Thanks for the great video and pictures! I think my Little Cam Man was just tired. It will be a totally new day, Wednesday. Both of you will enjoy it!
kisses & hugs

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