Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fwd: Road trip, pt. 2

> The next thing I knew, Camden was rolling around in the surf! This is a face & pose he makes a lot lately. Goofy kid!

Fwd: Road Trip

We're on a road trip with my best friend, Susan, and her girls. We took 2 days to drive down to New Smyrna, Florida to visit her dad. It's so different being on a beach on the Atlantic ocean when I'm so used to the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. You can drive on the beach here! Just like Daytona. Crazy. The Sand is hard packed and brown, not soft and white like Gulf Shores.
This guy on a bicycle was pedaling along at the same speed we were driving!

The kids immediately went out to the water. It's so far away and the surf is so flat and shallow for a long distance!

The water seemed cool at first, but when the sun came out it was refreshing.

Camden asked if he could get his clothes wet. Since they already looked like this I said yes.

Road trip, pt. 3

As soon as we got to New Smyrna we drove straight to the beach! The girls put on their bathing suits & Camden dove right into the ocean in his clothes. Susan and I were wishing we had some beach chairs to relax in!

Melissa & Susan
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