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Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Phone Pics

It's time for another edition of "What random pictures are on my phone?" I haven't had much time for breaking out the big camera these month so I've resorted to just snapping pictures on my phone. It's always fun to go back & see what I captured.

This is actually from April, when we made an impromptu trip to the beach.
Fun in the pool on a float.
This kid is living the life!
On Brad's birthday. We started celebrating the night before so he was trying to take a nap here.
At Nothing But Noodles. Cam loves their food and he loves those chopsticks even more!
He kept turning around to talk to, flirt with, and touch the lady sitting to my left. Close quarters!
We went to Interior Market Place & Cam was a little obsessed with this wooden spoon. He carried it all over the whole store!
Watching Sesame Street & chowing down on Wheat Thins.
Running around the backyard with his fireman's hat.
He managed to squeeze into his Mega Blocks dump truck & then I pulled him around the house.
This is what we do in the mornings when we get up: play in Cam's room.
Cam learned to turn the light on & off! What you don't see is right after this he knocked the lamp on the floor and broke the bulb!
Hope you enjoyed this edition of Random Pictures from my Phone. Can you tell I'm struggling for blogging material? Ha!

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