Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Best Compliment

"So Stinkin' Cute!" - Brad's Words
Thank you Aunt Susan for this adorable sweater and hat. I thought it would never be cold enough for my hot natured child to wear! Boy was I wrong!
My sweet husband paid me the greatest compliment recently. I don’t think he even realized how much it meant to me, but it is something I have waited a very long time to hear. We were shopping at Target a few days after Christmas. Brad was pushing the buggy with Camden sitting up top in his car seat. When Camden got fussy, I realized he was hungry and handed Brad a bottle I had made a few minutes before. As I continued down the aisles, Brad followed behind while feeding Camden. Finally, Brad said “Stop turning left!” Well, this strange request certainly made me stop in my tracks and turn around! When I asked Brad “Why?” he said he couldn’t feed Camden, push the buggy & steer around the corners all at once. I laughed and told him that I do it all the time! And that’s when he said it. Brad replied, “Well, you’re a Mom.” And I realized he was right. Yes, I’m a Mom, with a capital M. I can make a bottle, feed Camden, steer the cart, refer to my list, burp Camden, buy groceries & entertain Camden while I shop, not just because I’m a (somewhat reformed) Type A, multi-tasking woman, but because I’m a Mom. Okay, I confess that for the last month I had been to Target almost every single day, so I had a lot of practice. But still, the sentiment was there, and I took it to heart. So Thank You, Brad, for recognizing my accomplishments as a MOM!


Amy George said...

You are so right! God just made moms with special qualities b/c he knew we would have to do so many things at once! And yes - being a mommy is the best compliment.


foxboy1963 said...

Melissa, Camden says "Thanks & I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!"
You are a special MOMMY and You do it with such LOVE & JOY!!!

Grandma Cathy

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