Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 Months

5 Months Old in these pictures! We love this outfit that Aunt Kim sent him!

"I love my Daddy!"
Camden doesn't use pacifiers at all, but he always has that hand in his mouth. Doesn't matter if it's his thumb, a couple of fingers, or his whole fist, he is always sucking on his hand.

"Mmmm! I'm going to eat you!"
Now he is at the stage where he wants to put everything in his mouth!

Camden always stuffs his bib or his burp cloth in his mouth.
I don't know why, but he really likes to try to eat them.

Messy Boy!

Chilling in the Bumbo seat.

When I saw this on the monitor I went running in the nursery because I thought Camden had his foot stuck in the crib. Turns out he was playing a game!

I frequently find Camden flipped around with his head at the other end of his crib, but I never find him on his stomach. I guess he is a back & side sleeper like Mommy.
Camden is determined to hold his own bottle. He can only hold it up for a few seconds when it is full, but he tries every time! When it is empty he still tries to get every last drop out.

It took Camden about a week to get the hang of his jumperoo, but now he just loves it! I took this video, left the room for two minutes, and when I came back, I found him asleep in the jumperoo! I guess he wore himself out!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement Melissa! Camden is so cute!!

Sonia Parker said...

He is absolutely adorable!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing! I want to see him in person soon! ;-)

Melissa said...

As many times as I have watched this video, today is the first time I ever noticed that Jasper is in it!

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