Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catch Up Pics from February

A present from aunt Danielle. Nice, huh? As if Camden wasn't getting enough attention from strangers already. He is working that onesie, though!
Sweet Potatoes. Camden only gets this messy when Daddy feeds him.

Camden's Valentine's present from Grandma Paula.

Have you seen my monkey?

Story time at the Barnes & Noble at Bridge Street.

6 Month Picture with Raggedy Andy

Play time after Daddy gets home from work - our favorite time of day!

Camden can almost sit up by himself. Not much longer!

This is what I find most mornings. Camden has perfected the art of rolling on his belly in his sleep. He can turn over onto his back if he really tries, but he hasn't mastered it, yet. He is really good at holding his head up and looking around while laying on his stomach. Not only has Camden rolled over in this picture, he has also completely flipped directions. He started out with his head on the left side of the crib! And as a side note, Camden sure does have a big noggin! To think, when he was born his head was as round as a bowling ball! Hopefully, once he is sitting up on his own he will become less of a cone head! At least we got rid of the flat head, finally!

Just one of his many funny facial expressions. Babies are so much fun!

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