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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potty Training

We started serious potty training last weekend. You can see that Camden was ready with all his big boy Elmo underwear and one of his 3 potties on the sofa.
We rolled up the rug so if he had accident it would be easier to clean up. He threw his underwear on the floor.
He acted weird and ran around like a crazy person.
When he refused to put underwear on, we let him run around pantsless. Brad thought it would be funny to photograph.
I know, this potty training looks like fun and games...

But it's not. :-( After many ups & downs, we have decided to wait until school is out to revisit potty training.


Grandma Cathy said...

They never said potty training was easy. Grandma Janie said wait until the kid is ready or you would just be potty training yourself. Brad pulled off his diaper and peed on it, knew it was time. He was 28 months when he did that and it was easy from them on. Sorry Brad for letting the world know. Love u all

Maria said...

Those pictures are hilarious. I'm with you. The money for diapers is worth the convenience. It won't be for much longer. Potty training is definitely a commitment!

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