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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Alabama has more snow this winter than the past 5 winters put together. Our last big snow event was nicknamed "Snowmaggedon!" We received 7" over night! Some areas near us got up to 11"! School was cancelled for a week! That's just unheard of around these parts. In preparation for Snowmaggedon, Brad and I headed out to find snow pants and snow boots for Camden. After a full day of searching we found a skibib and waterproof "work" boots. We couldn't find any waterproof gloves so we ended up improvising with sandwich bags and duct tape. Here he is getting all geared up to go out in the snow.
Trying on different hats.
The snow falling on the evening of the Jan. 9th.
Look at those big flakes! It snowed so hard, so fast!
Camden insisted that hippo go out in the snow, too. If you look close, you can see hippo peeking out of Camden's coat.
There's hippo right under Camden's chin.
Here's the view of our house and lawn covered in snow.
A few neighbors braved driving on the snow.
Camden & Brad made a giant snowball.

Brad posing in the snow.
The first order of business was to make snow angels!
Camden's snow angel.
Here's me looking like a grinning idiot.
I was so excited to make a snow angel!
Could I look any goofier?
My snow angel.
Camden wanted to walk in the snow, but of course, he walked through the grassy area where it was deepest instead of staying on the sidewalk.
We just had to break out the sled. This sled has been hanging in our garage, never used once, for 10 years! We didn't have a rope to pull it with so we improvised with a jump rope.
Camden liked being pulled around on the sled.
It was kind of hard work for mommy & daddy, though. The snow was thick and crunchy on top.
Camden liked lying on his back to ride the best.
He insisted on "pulling" us around, too. We let him pull the sled and kind of crab walked over it.
After a while the novelty wore off and we headed inside to warm up.
Camden loves to relax in Grand Daddy's chair (who he now calls P Pa) and "play iPad."

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