Thursday, February 3, 2011

Titans Game

Brad and I went to Titans game back in October. He went to several during the season, but this is the only one I attended. It was a beautiful fall day in Late October. Temperatures were so warm we wore shorts! It was pretty windy, as you can see. Here we are waiting for the bus to the stadium.
This is Joel and his son Wyatt. We ran into them in the parking lot. Brad went to several games with him.
Outside the stadium, waiting in line to go in. It was pretty interesting, you had to be patted down to get in. They had separate lines for the men & women, and the women's line was much shorter and faster! I had to wait for Brad for at least 5 minutes after I got in!
The view from our seats. We had amazing seats! The Titans played the Eagles that day. Michael Vick was standing right in front of us on the field.

The Titans really sucked it up the first 3 quarters, then made an amazing comeback in the 4th! The pulled it out to win in the last minute of the game! We really enjoyed the game and I hope to go to more next season!

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