Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Cutie!

These are some pictures of Camden in his Halloween gear taken Friday, Oct. 17th. He is really starting to interact with us: smiling, laughing and cooing. He also has learned to stick his tongue out, as seen in one picture. We are also able to prop Camden up on the sofa and he can sit up by himself! He is really close to holding his head up by himself, too! I can't wait for that milestone so we can put him in his Bumbo seat and exersaucer.

Camden had his 2 month check up on Thursday, Oct. 16. He weighed 14 lbs (88 percentile) and was 24 1/4" long (86 percentile). He got several
immunizations - 1 oral and 2 shots. He was almost
done crying after the first shot when the nurse
stuck him with the second shot. He did not like
that! Fortunately we were able to calm him down
pretty quickly.

Brad decided to get his flu vaccine while we were there (I got mine last time). Brad opted for the flumist nasal vaccine. The nurse explained how to sniff on both sides and then approached Brad with the syringe. He jumped back two feet! He got scared when she came at him with the syringe - it didn't even have a needle! He claimed he thought he was going to do it. It was pretty funny and he did finally let the nurse administer the vaccine.

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