Monday, November 3, 2008

Beach trip with Granddaddy!

Brad recently changed to a new contract that requires him to travel to Isreal. He left for his first trip on Oct. 30 and will return Nov. 8. Since he missed Halloween we did all of our Halloween festivities early. While Brad is out of the country, I decided to head to the beach with Camden and my Dad. Here is a picture of Camden strapped into the RV, ready for his second road trip (first in the rv) and a picture of Dad and Camden enjoying lunch at Harbor Docks. Moments after this picture was taken Camden started screaming! Apparently it was his lunch time too! He decided to have a growth spurt this particular day. He went from 3 feedings a day to 5! Everytime I think I have his schedule down pat, he decides to mix it up! Anyway, Dad kindly gobbled down the rest of his lunch so he could feed Camden and I could finish my lunch. Dad has really been great with Camden this week, helping with feedings and keeping him calm while I shop. I am so grateful for this time with Dad and Camden. They are really getting some quality time together and I am somewhat distracted while Brad is out of the country. There's nothing better than chilling at the beach and good seafood!

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