Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sticky Fingers

The first night we were in town, we headed straight for Sticky Fingers. It is an awesome BBQ joint right downtown. After I chased Camden through the entire restaurant, we got him confined to a high chair. He loves to color so he was in heaven!
He likes to give us the crayons then take them away if we start coloring with them.
He also likes to line up the crayons just so. We drew pictures of shapes and he named them for us. His favorite shape is octagon. It's fun to say!
I think this picture is funny because I don't know what either one of those bozos were doing!

When our food arrived, this kid chowed down!
He had sticky fingers, sticky arms & a sticky face!
Camden loves to dip his food so he was in love with the 8 bottles of BBQ sauce on the table! He tried them all except the 2 really hot ones.

A satisfied Sticky Fingers customer! Oh, and Dad & I loved it, too!

1 comment:

Grandma Cathy said...

Too cute, don't really know what Cam and Grandpa were doing, but the picture is a keeper.

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