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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beach & Pool in Gulf Shores

When we went to the beach in early March, the wind was gale force, and the waves were ferocious!

There were also jelly fish on the beach the first few days. I looked it up and these are Man O' Wars!
We did have a few nice days. I got to sit in a beach chair with my toes in the sand & relax all by myself!
Mostly it was so windy that we had to bundle up to be on the beach. Here's Cam with his GIANT sand shovel.
He loved the sand and shoveling.
We also spent some time at the pool when it was so windy. Sand really stings!
You can see how overcast it was here.
We had fun with Mommy throwing the boats in the pool and Cam waiting for them to blow "ashore."
I also had the bright idea to bring some sand up from the beach for Camden to play with. That ended up being kind of messy.

Camden really loved this little water fall.

More beach photos to come! We are looking forward to going back when the weather is nicer!

1 comment:

Grandma Cathy said...

Even with the wind and chilly weather, you guys looked like you had a great time outdoors anyway.
Kisses and hugs for my little Man.

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