Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a fun outdoorsy Easter. The Easter Bunny left a basketful of goodies on our front doorstep.
Camden loved playing with the eggs more than anything else, I think.
He is also loved this chick that laughs when you tickle it.
We ate at Casa Blanca for our Easter meal.
Next we headed to Big Spring Park to feed the ducks & fish.
We saw a mama duck with about 15 baby ducklings. So cute!
After feeding the ducks we headed to Bridge Street and took a paddle boat ride!
That was really fun!

We definitely enjoyed the paddle boat ride. We had a very nice Sunday. Later we hung out in our back yard and had some friends over for barbecue. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Grandma Cathy said...

Really really loved the picture of Cam on the paddle boat with his hair blowing in the wind. That's a keeper, I want that for a frame. Cam you are such a lucky kid to have a Mommy and Daddy that you have. Thanks sooo much for the pictures. Kisses and hugs, Grandma Cathy

Grandma Cathy said...

Isn't Cam the most precious little boy (My Little Man). Loving all the new updates.

Grandma Cathy said...


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