Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Birthday

I have quite a backlog of pictures I flagged and never posted. So my birthday was almost 6 months ago, what are you trying to say?
Here's some of my birthday loot from my Dad. Didn't he do good? Some of I picked out but I had a lot of surprises, too! Brad got me a lot of clothes, sweaters and workout, that I asked for. He picked it all out and he did good, too! The sweater I'm wearing is one of my presents.
Dad & Brad took me out to eat at Grill 29. Yum! Presumably we had a babysitter, because Camden wasn't with us. I guess Nana kept him??? Details are fuzzy. I don't even remember what I had to eat, but I know this dessert was delicious! Some kind of chocolate ganache with raspberry drizzle.

After dinner we had a couple of drinks at the BrickHouse and then headed downtown to Humphrey's. Not a lot of options or action on Christmas Eve. See that gentleman with ghetto baseball hat and gold teeth over my shoulder? What, you can't see his gold teeth? Trust me, he had them. Anyway, it was his birthday, also! He even bought me a drink! Later he fell asleep in his booth. I think he was older than me. TeeHee!
Me & Brad. How appropriate that the Ragin' Cajun sign is just over my shoulder. I definitely had a fun night out! I'm pretty sure everybody in the whole bar knew it was my birthday, probably because i repeatedly shouted out, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

When you have a Christmas Eve birthday, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get some attention!

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Maria said...

What beautiful pictures! You look great. (I've got tons of pics and posts I've never done anything with...maybe they'll show up one day.)

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