Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Conversation with Camden

I enjoy reading my bloggy friend Maria's blog Living in Lewis Land very much. Her daughter Gianna is just one month older than Camden so it always so fun to see them going through similar phases at the same time. Recently, Maria started recording conversations with Gianna in her online "Jelly Book." I thought that was a fabulous idea so I decided to start doing the same. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right, Maria? ;-)

Camden is becoming more & more verbal. Here's a conversation we had this morning while getting ready to go to preschool.

Camden: "Daddy? Daddy Back?" (When is Daddy coming back?)
Melissa: "Daddy is at work."
Camden: "Work?"
Melissa: "Daddy is at work. He will be home at Dinner Time."
Camden: "Time?" Pointing at the tv. He wants to watch Timmy Time, a cartoon.
Melissa: "No, not Timmy Time. We don't have time to watch tv. What do you want for breakfast? Banana? Cereal?"
Camden: "Cake!"
Melissa: "No, no cake. Banana or cereal?"
Camden: "Pie!"

After a long day shopping:
At the mall today, we hit Chik-fil-a in the food court before some power shopping. Who made an appearance, but their Santa Cow!
Camden was quite taken with him. He just stared and stared at him! He even smiled and said "hi" & "bye bye" to him. I know it looks like he's looking at me in this picture, but he's really staring at Santa Cow.
Now I'm off to wrap presents!

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Maria said...

Woo Hoo! You go Melissa! I'm SO glad I started writing this stuff down. Reading these gems is so fun - especially when I'm consumed with the frustrations of this stage. Helps me put things in perspective. LOVE the pic of Cam sleeping in the car and staring at the cow. (So jealous your already wrapping presents!)

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