Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nashville Zoo

We went to the Nashville Zoo on Veteran's Day. It was a beautiful day and lots of the animals were out. Here is a tiger.
I think this was a bobcat. We were so close to it!
Here is a rare sighting of the lesser know Camden Monkey.
Some kind of porcupine.
The flamingos. I love flamingos.
Camden did too!
They had a petting zoo area. I put my thought of germs aside and let Camden in. The goats were very friendly.

The giraffe. I think this is Camden's new favorite animal to identify.
Camden picked out this cute little hat as his souvenir.
I didn't get any good pictures, but the Gibbons monkeys were so fun to watch! They put on quite a show. And my favorite animal was the lesser red panda. It was so cute!
A very tired little boy.
Bye, bye, zoo!

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