Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Proofing: Who needs it?

He starts sitting on my lap when we sit at my desk. He pulls on all the computer cords he can get his hands on and chews on my phone.
Then he slides off my lap to a standing position until I can't hold him up with one arm anymore.

Next he lays on the floor at my feet and plays with power cords.

Obviously, this is the most fun he has ever had, especially since he doesn't have any toys.

We got a new beach cart to haul all our baby stuff back forth at the pool. Naturally, I put him in the cart for a ride. He liked it.

Not until we were leaving did I read or even notice that bright yellow sticker on the handlebar.

Yesterday, he was in his walker running around the house and I heard a crash. He had pulled the iPod dock off the bar by pulling on the cord. What is this fascination with electrical cords?

"I'm about to make a break for it!"

"I live for Danger!"
So, do you think it's time we babyproofed the house? Nah, I don't think so, either.

1 comment:

Susan Bruno said...

That's funny about the beach cart. It is useful huh?
Just ordered the ipod dock for Sam for Father's Day!

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