Monday, June 29, 2009

Belated Father's Day

So this post is a little late, but I have been having trouble with the computer again.
We were traveling back home from Kansas on Father's Day, but we ate at a really yummy mexican restaurant in Kansas called Abuelo. So delicious and they gave all the dads free hats!

This is the combo platter Brad and I shared. This picture does not do the plate justice. It was half the size of the table! We couldn't even finish. We also had an amazing cheese fondue dip called Fundido del mar with shrimp, mushrooms, and good stuff. I must find a copy cat recipe!

Camden was clowning around in the truck on the way to the airport. I was sitting directly in front of him so that's why he's upside down.

We had a new outfit from Grandma Cathy hanging up, to put on in the airport. Camden was very interested in it.
Then he wanted the camera.
On Monday we took my dad out to Beauregard's for a Father's Day meal.
Camden was so exhausted from the Kansas trip. He slept for almost 2 days straight after we got home. During one naptime, he kept crying and then going back to sleep. When I went to investigate, I discovered him in this pose. When I put him in the pack n play I sat him down on his butt because I thought he might want to play before he fell asleep. Nope. He flopped over on his tummy with his feet at his ears and passed out. He never moved from the position, even though it must have been causing him some discomfort. So I laid him on his tummy and he was off to sleep for another a few hours. Aren't babies funny?

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