Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Random Mardi Gras Pictures

Waiting for a parade. Cam really enjoyed the parades this year. Last year they were too loud for him, but this year he really understand what was going on and even held his arms up in the air to catch beads! It was pretty chilly and the wind was blowing pretty hard right where we were standing.
While we were walking around the quarter waiting our table for lunch, we found this little self guided cars you could rent. Camden just had to climb in and check it out.
Putting on the helmet.

I think it was a little too heavy for him!
It's all fun and games til somebody gets arrested!*

Grabbing a Daiquiri after lunch. This is some of our Krewe:
Brad, Cam, Tony(Brad's cousin), Mark, Tracy/Theresa (Brad & I thought her name was Tracy til the last day we were there!), Anthony
Tony lives in Kansas but was working in the Keys. He drove 1000 miles to New Orleans!
Mark is from Arizona, but had just finished a year long deployment in Afghanistan and had decommissioned in Gulfport the day before. Tony picked him up on the way to N.O. Anthony is Tony's old roommate and flew in from Kansas! Theresa is also from Kansas, but had flown down to the Keys and then drove up with Tony!
Back in the hotel room, Cam was fascinated with the bathtub. He loves hotel tubs because they are low enough for him to climb into.
He found the shaving cream.
He also loves to play with razors so I have to hide them.

*Nobody got arrested. Brad was just posing for a picture. Of course if somebody did get arrested, I probably wouldn't tell you about it on here!


Grandma Cathy said...

My little grandson going to bars and being on Bourbon street, how could this happen. Oh, I forgot who his parents are and then I guess I need to remember who his grandparents are, taking Brad and Melissa to bars at a young age too. Glad you all have a wonderful trip. Thanks for the pictures

Grandma Cathy said...

Grandma is having withdraws!! Need to have more pictures.

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