Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Orleans or Bust!

When we drove to New Orleans, Camden was really good in the car. He only watched DVDs for a couple of hours on the way down! He refused to take a nap, though, until we were 5 miles from the hotel. That little stinker.
When we arrived it was pouring down rain! We stayed at Loew's on Poydras. The bright lights in this picture are Harrah's casino across the street. It was raining so hard they ended up letting us unload our baggage in the parking garage.
Here is the view from our hotel room. I think we were on the 12th floor. We were facing uptown. You can see the bridge to the West Bank on the left.
A better view of the bridge, and you can see River Walk as well.
After settling in our room, our first mission was to get a Daiquiri! See how wet Camden's jeans are? We tried to cover him up with a poncho, but it was hard to keep it in place.
So many flavors to choose from!
The employees here thought Camden was the cutest thing ever. They kept trying to get him to give them high fives, but Camden refused. Every time one of them would hold their hand out for a high five, Cam would shake his head 'No' and push their hand away! It was so funny.
"I guess I'll just have water. But I'm going to try to sneak sips of Mommy & Daddy's daiquiris when they aren't looking!"*
"Oh, what's this? Test tubes? Fun!"*
"This is how you do it, right?"*

*This was a family friendly daiquiri shop/restaurant. No alcohol beverages were consumed by small persons under the age of 221. However, many straws and test tubes were harmed played with in the making of this film during our time there.

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