Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surgery Success & Cupcakes!

Camden had his adenoids removed on Feb. 11th. He has been having constant runny noses, sinus infections and non-stop drooling. After seeing many doctors and specialists we finally found out his adenoids are HUGE! They were so big he couldn't even breathe through his nose at all. Poor little guy. We were greatly relieved to finally have a diagnosis with a fairly easy fix. An adenoidectomy is a relatively minor surgery. It only took 20 minutes. Camden was a little pitiful when he woke up, but after he came home and took a 2 hour nap, he was just fine!
He was so full of energy, he was bouncing off the walls! So to celebrate, we made cupcakes!
Camden calls them Happy Cakes. I guess it's short for Happy Birthday cake. It's a good name, though. Doesn't all cake make you happy?
He helped with the icing.

He was so excited about the Happy Cakes that he had to eat one before they were even iced!
He had three and then we had to hide them!

Our little guy is feeling much better and we are hoping to see improvement with all the sinus issues, snoring, mouth breathing and drooling! The ENT said it would take a couple of weeks before we really see an improvement. We are just relieved to finally have it over with. Camden's surgery was rescheduled twice because the doctor broke his arm and then had to have sinus surgery himself!
Update: it has been a month now and Camden is doing great! With the exception of a cold, he has not had any runny noses or infections and his drooling has improved dramatically!

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Grandma Cathy said...

Happy Cakes for a Happy Boy. Way to go Mom and Dad!!!!
Hugs and kisses

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