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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


okay so i've been the worst blogger ever lately. sorry! i've had several posts just waiting to be posted, but no journaling. so here's the quick and dirty description of these pics. (which are now pretty old*)
football season, around halloween. cam found my magic fairy wand
??? don't remember! but cam appears to have a sock on his hand
ummm... just playing with a chuck truck toy???
caroline & cam playing with the magic wand
jeff, brad & caroline
jeff & caroline
cam thought the one shoulder look was back in...
what can i say... mardi gras cups! if you've ever been then you know. cam thinks it's cool to stand on them!
such skills!
every little kid, boy or girl, wants to be just like mommy. so it's pretty hilarious when cam wants to wear my high heel shoes!!!

wow, can't believe i haven't posted these yet! corn pups from krystal. if you're not from the South, i can't explain.
but the funniest thing is how camden stuck the corn pup stick in the straw. is this all boys, or just my son-of-an-engineer-kid????
2nd dentist appointment at a new office.

and as camden would say, "all done!"
*ok so apparently i uploaded this pics on 2/8!

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