Friday, December 19, 2008

Carsyn's Birthday

For the anniversary of Carsyn's death, I decided to start a new tradition of releasing balloons. Camden helped with releasing the balloons. As you can see, he really got a kick out of them. His expression is priceless.
Last Saturday, Dec. 13th, was Carsyn’s birthday. She would have been two. We decorated her grave with a Christmas wreath and a solar angel. Carsyn will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are so blessed and grateful to have Camden, but he will never replace Carsyn. We will always feel her absence. We try to remind ourselves that Carsyn is in a better place, and that it was meant to be this way. In heaven she is free from her earthly disabilities and serves as Camden’s guardian angel. That doesn’t make it hurt any less, though, when all we want is for her to be here with us. The pain of our loss never completely goes away, but as time passes, it does get easier. Big occasions like her birthday and the anniversary of her death will always be difficult, though. And I have found that with each new thing Camden does, I can’t help but think about all the milestones we have missed with Carsyn.
Thank you to everyone who remembered Carsyn’s birthday and let us know you were thinking about her and us. We never want Carsyn’s short life to be forgotten.
Carsyn, we love you so much and miss you every day. Please continue to watch over your little brother and keep him safe and healthy. Happy 2nd Birthday. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Camden


Leslie said...

You all have been on my mind- we remembered Carsyn's birthday here in Nashville with chocolate cake :) I know you miss her. Love to you all...

Amy George said...

I do believe that Camden has his own special guardian angel and that his sister is watching over him. God bless you and Brad as you remember Carsyn on her birthday and at Christmas. And I know Camden will make this Christmas so special for your family.

Much love!

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