Monday, December 8, 2008

Iron Bowl

Hi! I apologize for not posting in a while; I am so behind! We have been super busy with Thanksgiving, tailgating, decorating for Christmas, Christmas shopping, and cleaning out our closets! Here is a quick post.

Dad, Brad, Camden and I all went down to Tuscaloosa to tailgate for the Iron Bowl. We left Friday morning and came back Sunday. We had a great parking spot on Paul Bryant Drive, 3 blocks from the stadium. We went down in Dad's RV! After packing everything under in sun (lots of food and baby gear), we still forgot the most important thing (to Brad anyway). Brad absolutely loves to grill. He could grill all day and night and be happy as a clam. We had purchased a new charcoal grill just for RV'ing on our last trip down. Well, halfway to T-town, Brad was telling Dad all the wonderful things he was going to grill and I realized I had left the bag of meat at home! Although we had plenty of other food to eat, we had to make an emergency grocery stop to pick up more grilling meat. Good thing we did, too, because Brad was glued to that fire all weekend! And it was some mighty tasty food, too!

Just getting the fire going, as soon as we arrived, Friday afternoon.
All decked out in his custom Alabama onesie, complete with name on the back, and track suit! Super cute little Bama fan!

This was Camden's first time tailgating. He did really well. Roll Tide!
Still grilling, late Saturday night!

Just like daddy, Camden is fascinated with fire!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

please explain how you are BAMA FANS!?!?!?!?! omg. blasphemy. The only redeeming factor is how STINKIN ADORABLE Camden is. Ok, you're excused :)

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