Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The first week of December held several milestones for Camden. That was right at 16 weeks. By the beginning of December he was tracking objects really well. He turns his head and follows objects all around the room. Camden loves to watch Brad walk around if I am holding him, and vice versa, if Brad is holding Camden, he loves to watch me walk around. It’s nice to know we are the most fascinating people in his world right now. I’m sure that will change over time.
Camden has also finally started grabbing objects. He loves to grab his burp cloth and mommy’s hair. He’s still not very interested in holding toys, just batting at them.
in the bumbo seat
We ate lunch at Rosie’s on Friday, Dec. 5th, with my Dad. I noticed that as Brad was holding Camden up on the bar, he was holding his head up without support and no wobbling! By Saturday, he was a pro at holding his head up. So, of course, I had to break out the highchair and the exersaucer! He loves the highchair because it puts him at our level and he can really see what’s going on. We aren’t feeding him in the highchair, yet, but it offers another sitting option for Camden.
First time in the highchair!
So far, he’s not too sure about the exersaucer. We have one that a friend gave us, and it is just too big for him right now.
The too big exersaucer - he had his arms pinned and wouldn't or couldn't pull them out.
Our new Elmo excersaucer fits Camden better. But since it is “baby activated” he’s not really into it yet. He likes to watch Elmo and Cookie Monster play patty cake, but he hasn’t learned to push the button yet so one of us has to continually start it up.
The Elmo Exersaucer! Watching Patty Cake.
All in all, it has been an exciting couple of weeks!

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