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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Cuteness in Stripes

Yesterday morning I was on a self-imposed quarantine because I thought I had picked up a bug. Brad stayed home to take care of me & Camden. Since we didn't want to get Camden sick, I hid out in the spare bedroom. I asked Brad to send me a picture on my phone so I could see the cuteness.
This is what he sent me. Who is this big boy? I don't even recognize him! He looks so grown up! I have to add, Brad picked out this adorable sweater long-all from Old Navy & dressed him up in it. So adorable!
Here they are in the playroom. Camden is exploring his new "tent."
Apparently someone else was enjoying the tent more than Camden - Jasper!
That dinosaur is eating my baby!
"I'm outta here! You people bore me. I'm taking my sippy cup & my monkey & leaving!"
After I figured out I'd had a bad reaction to some medicine, and didn't have a bug after all, we headed down to DbD. I found this little American flag laying around & thought it went perfectly with Cam's outfit. He waved it around like a pro.
I cannot get over how STINKIN' CUTE Cam is walking (marching) around. Expect to see lots of these videos.

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