Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Morning Routine

Today we tried breakfast at the table. Camden thought it was fun to shove as many banana bites in his mouth at once as possible. I bet you can guess what happened right after I took this picture!
"Oh, it's fun to drop bananas into empty crock pots that Mommy foolishly left on the table."
"It's even more fun to jump up & down in this chair and give Mommy a heart attack!"
"Okay, breakfast is all done. Let's brush our teeth!"
"Not only do I love to brush my teeth, I also love to carry around my toothbrushes (both of them), my toothpaste, my comb & my hairbrush!"
"What? I'm just sitting here being as cute as possible!"
"Oh, you mean you still haven't found the shoe I hid days ago? You say you already looked in every trash can in the house? Well, I'm not giving you any hints, but maybe I hid it when I shut myself in my bathroom."
"It's about time you found that shoe, Mommy! Now I can go hide it again!"
"Oh wait, I think I would rather steal your shoes & hide them!"
"Yup, I'm taking off with them. Good luck trying to find them!"
"Bu-bye! Catch me if you can!"

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