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Friday, November 20, 2009

Design Dazzle

If you have not been to Design Dazzle's website, you are really missing out. Go check it out now! They have awesome party ideas, crafting ideas & kids room ideas. I cannot express how awesome their ideas are! If you are looking for inspiration, they will definitely WOW you. Be sure to check out Toni's Favorites post HERE. They are also having a $500 giveaway for a whole line of children's clothing. Go HERE to read about it and enter! Hurry, though, the contest ends at 1pm today! I promise, you will not be sorry you checked out Design Dazzle. THIS post highlights some of the awesome things seen on Design Dazzle. I especially love the rain gutter bookshelves and the decorating with scrapbook paper. I am totally going to do those!

1 comment: said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks so much for your kind comments! I appreciate the mention and the links. You have such a darling family : )

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