Saturday, June 5, 2010

Firday Night Free-For-All!

Last Friday night we had a free-for-all at our house. Cousin John came up and Camden found a new best friend. He squeezed onto the sofa between John & arm and brought his blanket, too!
There he is, peeking out.
Cramped quarters, indeed!
Then Amanda showed up, and poor cousin John was chopped meat.
Camden showed Amanda how to put those puzzles together. She needed lots of help. ;-)
Amanda seriously could not do this one, even with my explicit directions. "Left, left, left!"
Next Camden showed Amanda how to ride the Roby.
I don't know where he is picking this stuff up, but he rides this just like a real cowboy!
Wave that hat in the air!
Ride 'em, Cowboy!
Then he made Amanda ride the horsey. Ha! ha!
And she had to bounce him in the air!

She was a good sport and got a really great thigh workout! Go, Amanda!

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