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Friday, June 11, 2010

Target Adventures

These are some pictures from 3 separate trips to Target (yes, I have a problem!), all taken with my phone, so excuse the poor quality.
We had fun trying on this straw hat!
Doesn't he look adorable? Like a little French boy, or a farmer or vintner.
But alas, he decided on a different hat, his favorite style: a bowler. He had on it here and here.
On this day, I was planning on trying on clothes, so we tried out the monkey backpack.
It was a success! Yes, I was embarrassed to be walking my son on a leash, but it was very necessary.
In this series of pictures, he was dropping my keys behind the sign, picking them up, and doing it over and over!
This, by far, was the funniest, and most embarrassing trip to Target! It was our first time using one of these buggies. Boy, are those things hard to steer! Hard to miss, too, right?

Not so much, as it turns out. After shopping the entire store, starting with groceries, cruising thru children's clothes and then checking out seasonal garden stuff, we headed over to the dollar spot. Camden was walking at this point and as soon as he saw the front doors he made a beeline for them! I raced after him and then returned to our cart to discover it was gone! In it's place was an empty cart with price tags in it. I looked around everywhere and did not see a single Target employee! I asked another lady in the dollar spot if she had seen what happened to my cart and she didn't know. I thought surely a Target employee had thought my cart was abandoned - even though I was only gone a few seconds- and had put away my items! I was so distressed because I had been shopping for an hour and my cart was totally full! I looked and looked and could not find one single Target employee anywhere in the vicinity! Fortunately, I was carrying a small purse that day and had it over my shoulder. After 5 minutes of looking for an employee and/or my cart I gave up & headed to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription so we could go home. Halfway there I finally saw an employee and asked him about my buggy. Of course, he was the one employee in all of Target that did not have a walkie talkie! He was very nice, though, and led me around from one area to the next til we finally found an employee with a walkie talkie. He sent out a distress call store wide. Someone said there was an abandoned cart over in the seasonal section, so we went over there to check it out. As soon as I saw it, I knew. I was the guilty one! I had stopped pushing my own, over-sized, filled-to-the-brim cart and started pushing an employee's cart that was empty except for a few price stickers! I bet she was wondering what happened to them! Anyway, I thanked the kind man and took my buggy and hightailed it out of there before they could figure out what had really happened! I'm sure it didn't take them long. They probably went back and looked at the security tapes for a good laugh! I was so embarrassed! At least I recovered my groceries! Ha!


Maria in Lewis Land said...

That's hilarious! And I am right there with you with the monkey leash :) --- We've only used it in public a few times, but I've really appreciated it.

Grandma Cathy said...

There is nothin wrong with the monkey leash, at least you know where Cam is and he's safe! Anything that makes our lifes easier!!!! I"m for that!!!!Great pictures, plus I was really tired of waking up ever morning and seeing the tonk pictures. Not that they weren't good. But was waiting to see my little man!!! Thanks Melissa!!!

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