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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Happy Belated Birthday, Brad! I know it was 2 months ago today, but I'm a little slow. Better late than never!
Brad's mom, Grammy Cathy, came down to visit with us for Brad's birthday. While she was here we decided we needed to celebrate at the beach!
The birthday boy!
Birthday Cheesecake:IMG_1430
Blowing out the birthday candles:
We started celebrating the night before Brad's birthday, so on his actual birthday he was a little pooped.
Camden was not interested in letting Daddy take a Birthday nap.
A birthday wave from Mom!
These are the day we got back from the beach & decide to celebrate one last time! Dad's presents to Brad included a really nice Boston Red Sox hat & gym shorts.
2010-04-25 20.16.58
2010-04-25 20.16.23
That was the best birthday ever! Thanks for letting us twist your arm into going to the beach! Here's to another wonderful year!

1 comment:

Maria in Lewis Land said...

You people sure know how to celebrate. :)

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