Monday, July 27, 2009

Dr. Skin Saves the Day

Camden enjoying his new snack cup full of Cheerios. He figured out in no time how to pull those Cheerios out of the cup and fill up his stroller with them!
Completely unrelated pictures to this post, but cute never the less.

We just returned from Camden's dermatology appointment (that we scheduled almost 3 months ago) and I have to say I'm relieved. When we made the appointment, Camden's face still had bright red splotches, but it has faded considerably since then. The doctor reassured me that it was, indeed, acne scarring, but that it would go away. Eventually. She said there was no underlying cause and it didn't indicate any kind of big scary skin disease. (I really had myself worked up with all kinds of worrisome diseases that Camden might have). She said the major (& only) reason that he is still showing signs of past acne is that he is dark skinned. As in he has an olive complexion. The doctor asked if Daddy had dark skin and I immediately answered "yes," so now she probably thinks Brad is Mexican or Indian (the native american kind) or even Panamanian (gasp!). Just kidding, KT! At any rate, it seems that Mommy & Daddy's dark skinned genes are to blame. Dr. Skin, as I will know refer to her, claimed that scarring from baby acne is very rare, but that if it doesn't all go away we can treat any lasting scars when Cam gets older. And then Dr. Skin gave us some samples of cream to put on his face once or twice a week and sent us on our way. No follow up needed! She did urge me to bring him in immediately if he started breaking out when he hits puberty. So I will put that on my To Do list for 2018 or so. I better write it down now, because by then I will be old and senile!

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