Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pulling up

So guess who has ANOTHER new tooth? I know I just told you yesterday that Camden had a new tooth, but that was old news. From like, 3 days ago. I know, I'm slow with the news sometimes. But this is hot news! Just this morning I was right in Camden's face and looked in his mouth and saw ANOTHER new tooth!  Yes, that makes 8! Now he has four on top and four on bottom. I didn't know a baby could get so many teeth before his first birthday! 
Last night Daddy taught the Cam Man to pull up on the day bed! Here is the video evidence (edited to make it much less Blair Witchy. You're welcome.)
Apparently Daddy was getting some really good Hi-Fives out of Cam, too, but we don't have video proof of that, yet.


Anonymous said...

Ilove your blog!

Melissa said...

Thank you! How did you find it?

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