Thursday, July 30, 2009

Riding in Style

Camden is really sitting up like a big boy now. Here is on a riding toy that he couldn't sit on unassited just a couple of weeks ago. Now, not only can he sit on it, he can push with his feet and propel it forward. He was only a tiny bit unsteady, but I was right there with him to catch him just in case he fell. But he didn't. (Sniff, sniff, tear slowly rolling down my cheek. )My baby is getting big!
This is my most favorite expression of Camden's. He crinkles up his nose, gives a big toothy grin, and snorts! It is too funny and precious!
Just chilling, checking out mom with her camera.
Still posing for the camera!
One of Cam's favorite games is too crawl all over mommy. This was right before he stuck his little finger up nostril. All the way up. I think he touched my brain! 
Now he is done posing for the camera and is instead intent on grabbing it. Yes, this is how I got that spot on my lens. He pried open the lens cover and stuck his little fingers all over it!

I will leave you with this video of Cam Cam riding a different (& musical) toy. Look at him go!

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