Thursday, September 17, 2009


Saturday night we ate dinner at Uncle Julio's Casa Grande in Buckhead. That was the best mexican I've ever had - even better than Rosie's! Their margaritas were delicious. Camden really enjoyed the guacamole. We sat on the patio and the weather was perfect and it was much quieter than inside. After we ate Camden stretched his legs and crawled all over the patio. We really enjoyed this meal.
When we rolled into town on Friday, we went to a little rib joint near Virginia Highlands. Dad swore it would be delicious, but I was a little skeptical, judging by it's hole-in-the-wall appearance and all the great ribs I've had in Alabama. 
Once again, we sat outside. The table next to us had a very fat dog with them and Camden was fascinated with him. Later, the dog was nice enough to eat Camden's leftovers he threw on the ground.
You place your order and pay at the window and then they give you a card to place on your table to find you. Brad, please note our card read "Don King Copping a Feel." Not Comping!
Here's the flip side, and you can just barely make out that D.K. has his hand on the lady on the right's butt. Fatt Matt's did not disappoint. Those ribs were scrumptious! They fell off the bone and were so tender. They ranked right up there with Dreamland (the original) and Brad's ribs.
Camden loved our hotel room. He did not love being in the pack 'n play while we were lounging around. He was way too excited to take a nap when there was so much exploring to do. So he would stand up in the pack 'n play and act pitiful. Poor little guy. Maybe we should have just turned off the lights and gone down to the bar. No, we didn't actually do that. But I did seriously considering sitting in the hall. We will have to come up with a different plan next time we travel.
By the end of the trip, he was so tired all he could do was suck his thumb and twirl his hair. Except when Dad put out tip money for the maid and then he perked right up playing with that money. Until, of course, I got out the camera and then he went back to thumb sucking and hair twirling. Poor little guy.
After eating at a restaurant with no high chairs, I invested in a portable booster seat. This one is self-inflating and very neat. Camden could get right up to the table with it. He liked it fine til he was done eating, and then he wanted to sit in my lap. In fact, the last 3 times we have eaten out, he has insisted on sitting in my lap after just minutes of sitting in a highchair or booster seat. I'm not liking where this is heading. 
Here he is in his booster chair at Johnny Rocket's.
Camden volunteered to drive us home from Atlanta. Dad & I sure enjoyed our nap while Cam took the wheel!

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